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Donald Trump Wants to Keep Poor People Off The Golf Courts

The leading golf organizations will probably need a mulligan after a shamelessly tepid answer to Donald Trump’s racist comments about Mexican immigrants.

However on the other hand, golf is definitely a bigoted sport. And still is.

The Spineless Four said they’ve a “strong commitment to an inclusive and welcoming surroundings in the sport of golf,” but didn’t say if they might take actions against their openly racist partner.

Here’s what they are given to: Issuing weakly-worded, lawyer-washed statements that badly feign indignation while shielding a narrow minded billionaire they are in bed with.

But when Trump’s comments about Mexican “rapists” were not enough, he also does not consider golf should be inclusive.

Trump needs a small amount of classes (his, obviously) with exorbitant greens fees that will naturally drive up the cost – and price routine people from the sport.

Oh, in Trump’s world, the unwashed masses could see golf on TV, or attend tournaments at his clubs and keep pouring cash into Trump’s bank accounts, however they will not be able play the sport in his elitist golf utopia.

Permitting non-affluent grownups (and/or any children) to play golf now is “bringing it down,” Trump said.

Here’s more Trump:

“I believe I am in a minority, but I believe otherwise about golf. I believe golf needs to be an aspirational game, something people aspire to. Individuals should come to golf, golf should not come to them.” …

“Golf needs to be something amazing, refined, something people aspire to play eventually.” …

“It may be elitist, and maybe that is what golf desires. Once I say ‘aspire,’ that is an optimistic word. Let folks work hard and aspire to some day have the ability to play golf. To manage to play it. They are attempting to teach golf to people that will never have the capacity to essentially play it. They are trying too hard. Due to the cost of playing, as well as the land desired, golf is not planning to be basketball, where all you require is a court.

“All these great sportsmen, you understand the things they do when they retire? Basketball players, hockey players, football players, all they desire to do is golf.

“Let it be aspirational instead of bringing it down by striving to get players to do it when they are 15 years old plus they are also learning other sports. I presume it is really damaging to the match.”

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