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Who said golf is a sport for the rich?

We have always been used to considering golf as a sport for the rich.

In fact, even this kind of sport is experiencing a process of democratization that will allow many unimaginable “rich” people to enjoy this sport.

Golf has become an accessible sport and even the various golf clubs are working together to spread the culture of this sport.

Obama GolfWe begin with accessibility to the structures and tools that can be used. Until a long time ago and still in some centers like the one sponsored by Ace of Brains, access to golf courses and gaming circuits was reserved exclusively and exclusively to “members” for those who paid for a given party this rank.

The instalment was in most cases fixed, and even those who for any reason never used the camp had to pay the same amount.

Today there are so many structures that offer a solution called “pay and play“. This way you can pay for the golf course entry, so you only pay if and when you really use the facility.

However, Federgolf is required to be inscribed, but the association itself has modified those that are its standards. In fact, it has taken on the role of foreground the Free Closure, a form of affiliate reserved for newcomers who can access the game without enrolling in a real club. The card costs about 80 euros for adults, twenty for young people.

golf moneyJust today, young people are the segment that looks at it carefully. Promotions, training days, exclusive initiatives are designed for the younger ones who can for instance buy in many real golf clubs real carnets that entitle you to entry on weekdays or holidays, or even 3X2, discounts at certain stores by presenting The entrance ticket to the club and so on.

After the access to the structures we are thinking of the necessary tools: set of sticks and golf courses! Even in this case, the market today offers low-cost solutions.

First there is the rental! Many circuits provide a range of tools that can be rented by those who ask for it. The same is true for shoes. If you want to have something “yours” you will be able to buy the necessary means second hand. There are no special instruments, and the instrumentation is not subject to particular obsolescence.

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