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How do I bet on golf?

The goal of the game of golf is to score the ball in the holes with the help of clubs, using fewer blows than the opponent. The game seems to be on hearing, but very few people know what tournaments are held for this sport. A bet on golf makes even fewer betters.

Types of bets

golf win tournament

To win the tournament – which of the athletes will win at the competitions. It is difficult to forecast, since the number of participants is 50-250 people.

To a duel – who from a pair of golfers will show the best result. It’s easier to analyze two people than fifty people.

At a certain place – who will take the specified place, will the golfer enter the TOP-3, TOP-5, etc.

On the best golfer of the conditional group – for example, which of the representatives of England will be the best in the tournament, or who of the American players does not take the first position.

On leadership after the round – who will win at the end of a certain stage. Favorites sometimes begin to relax. At the peak, they come closer to the end of the competition.

Total hits are even or odd, including on individual players.

Features of bets on golf

In golf, the main number of spectators and the volume of bets are collected by 4 main tournaments:

  • Masters;
  • US Open;
  • Open championship of Britain;
  • PGA Championship.

Athletes are maximally tuned to these competitions, so it’s better to bet on favorites. Remember that bookmakers carefully analyze and evaluate the chances of participants.

golf betting

At competitions of the second and third rank, the office margin is 2-3 times higher. But there is a high probability of erroneous coefficients. Some golfers are underestimated, so the value appear. Bet on small tournaments, but first select the BC with a detailed line for this discipline.

Outsiders win even at major championships. An unknown player is able to muster the will into a fist, show a quality game and beat the famous opponents.

Golf is a challenging sport for betting, much more difficult to master than the pokie games on this site. Sensations happen regularly, and information about little-known athletes is not enough. Professionals do not conclude such wagers, because you need to disassemble 30-50 participants for the sake of one bet.

How to analyze the events?

Golfers’ ratings show their objective strength, but it is more important to look at the current form. Athletes can play better at individual competitions, because each field is unique.

golf athlete

Consider weather conditions. When the rain needs a good long-range strike, and on a dry field, a short and technical blow comes to the fore.

The psychological component is more important than the physical condition. Identify in what mood the player. Read the latest interviews and news.

If the golfer performs at home, this is an advantage. In addition to the additional motivation and support of fans, there is no need to adapt to the climate and time zone. It is also very likely that the athlete knows or even prepared for the field at which the tournament will take place.


This sport is not suitable for long-term earnings on bets. People who are far from the game, it is problematic to win, even if they have learned the rules and developed their own betting strategy. A person should be ill with golf: regularly watch tournaments, read thematic articles, study interviews and news.

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