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Why golf is the most interesting sport you can play

Golf encourages independence on a playing field with few bounds.

What other game is played on 200 acres or even more? Baseball, softball, football and soccer fields all have explained, stiff lines.

Yes, in golf you are likely to play the holes where the short grass is, but it is liberating to learn that you don’t need to. (And likely will not.) You have got this huge open space to play in. Play the holes any manner you choose — simply meet us on the next tee later.

The equipment is cool.

And then there are the nicknames because of this internal society’s tools: large dog, level stick, belly putter, pit back, hosel, kickpoint, camber, offset, niblick, mashie, brassie, bounce, flange.

Golf makes you happy

Where else are you able to get sand in your shoes, pond water in your socks, ketchup in your shirt, sweat in your cap, mud in the cuffs of your pants, blisters in your hands, a farmer’s tan as well as a frog in your bag? And enjoy it.

In case you make birdie on the 18th hole, you are going to spend the remaining day excessively describing how you got all the sand, water, ketchup, sweat, mud, blisters, colour as well as the stowaway frog.

Golf gets the finest views.

O.K., so some baseball stadiums have great views of city skyscrapers. The uncommon college football arena will glimpse a pastoral campus. Our indoor stadiums increasingly all look alike and now they’re louder than an airport runway.

In the event you fish, hike, surf or ski, possibly you’ve got an argument on this issue, but compared with every one of the mainstream sports, golf has no equivalent when it comes to the setting.

Stand to the 18th tee at Pebble Beach, a couple of feet in the Pacific Ocean together with the spray in the waves landing gently on your own shoulders, and you may never again rise poetic in regards to the Citgo sign behind the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

You can play alone

You have learned of runner’s high? Golfers have their particular variant plus it takes place on an uncrowded golf course, walking softly around the green landscape, carrying on at any speed you opt for.

You meet the most fascinating individuals with this specific little leap of faith and you’re witness to the most outrageous tactics to playing the sport. Simply walk right into a pro shop on a busy Saturday and declare you are a single.

You will need to find lost balls in the woods.

I am constantly amazed what I see in the woods. I have located a pocket calculator. A hat and shades. Perhaps I am seeing too much “NCIS,” but I make an effort to reconstruct the scene:

Disgusted, he throws down his hat (shades were about the brim). However, he takes an uncomfortable posture in the swamp and swats in the ball, which soars onto the green to land two feet from the hole. In his follow through, yet, he loses his balance and falls backward. He does not see; he is shuffling down the fairway to make that par putt.

Superb sounds

There exists the sharp sound of a golf club face contacting the golf ball without grass in between. The dull “thunk” of a good-played bunker shot.

The soft, small plunk heard in the fairway when an approach shot lands on the green. The clatter of golf clubs in the bag hitting along the fairway, a proficient cadence of leisure on the go. There’s the silence that follows a shot in the woods, the sound evidence that the ball escaped without hitting a tree. There’s the sound of surprised, amazed laughter when you sink a 60-foot putt over hill and dale.

Audile treats are par for the course.

Everyone can play golf

It will not matter if you’re especially tall or powerful, all body types can triumph. It will not matter what part of the world you’re from. Age does not much matter, unless you need to be a touring professional.

Even a deficiency of flexibility or athleticism may be counteracted with understanding and ability across the greens. Over time, I’ve lost much cash to the 60- or 70-year olds at my residence course that have the preciseness of surgeons from 100 yards and in.

Simply being a great putter is likely to cause you to be a great golfer. And who can not putt a small white ball into a small hole?

You are able to and ought to, play by means of your loved ones or male and female buddies.

The truth that men, women and kids can play golf equitably on an identical golf course is among the sport ’s best advantages. It’s an ideal combination of social event and exercise.

And there is something about golf’s humiliating nature that brings everyone together. No one is protected from humiliation, which is liberating to the family dynamic.

You can do a hole in one shot.

In what other game, in what other walk of life, are you able to perform something that in that instant is of the same quality as it might be? The possibility of, and quest for, perfection is the thing that keeps golfers coming back.

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